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Heavy recoil with magnum caliber rifles can create strain and pain, but our gun rests can help reduce that. Using integrated recoil reduction slings, shooters can relax and shoot more comfortably.

Shop shooting rests, shooting benches, bags and more at Holsterwelt and get ready for the range or hunting. Our selection of shooting rests from Caldwell,  to keep you steady as you sight-in your rifle or practice your aim. In addition to shooting rests, we also offer shooting tables, shooting rest bags and shooting benches so you can find whatever you need for the range.

If you’re sighting in your rifle, check out our selection of shooting rests and shooting tables. Each of our shooting rests is designed to keep your shot consistent so you can dial in your scope for maximum precision. If you want to help steady your aim during long days at the range, shop shooting rest bags designed for easy transport. If you're setting up a range on your own, you can also find a variety of shooting tables and shooting benches. Improve your aim and accuracy with a reliable shooting rest or bench from HOLSTERWELT.

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