Thus you make purchases in the shop

They can search the shop in three different kinds(ways):

  1. Rummage - click to yourselves about about the shop riders on top or about the categories in the left navigation bar by our article assortment.
  2. Searches - if you look for a definite article you use our quick search. About the enlarged search you can limit your search, in addition, after categories, manufacturer and price.

Help(Assistance) to the searching function

The searching function searches all articles(items) and all descriptions for the concept(idea) given by you (en). If you give several concepts(ideas), separate this simply by a blank(space).


Beside every article(item) in our shop you see the goods basket symbol. Herewith you can lay(put) every(any) article(item) directly(immediately) in your goods basket. Of course you can extinguish this also any time again.
Article(Item) is not available at the moment

Article(Item) is available in restricted amount(crowd)

 Article(Item) is available immediately


Goods basket

If you have laid(put) an article(item) in the goods basket, your goods basket is indicated(signalised) you. Then they are able to:

  1. Purchase continue: Click under the goods basket on the badge purchase continue ... to return to the side indicated(signalised) last(in the end) and to make purchases further(farther), or choose(elect) in the left menu(set meal) simply another column to select other(farther) articles(items).
  2. Order amounts change: If you liked to shop more than one piece(item) of an article(item), you can change under number of pieces the amount(crowd). Click afterwards on updating to get the changed price indicated(signalised).
  3. Articles(Items) from the goods basket remove: Activate(Energise) in addition please the small box cons beside the article(item) which you would like to extinguish and click afterwards on update(actualise).
  4. Order(Appointment) send(send off): If now you liked to order(appoint) the elective articles(items), click please on to the cash(checkout) go, and you follow(result) easy(simple) for for step step instructions of the on-line order. If you have sent off(have dispatched) your order(appointment), receive automatically an immediate confirmation mail.

At goods basket look

They can look any time which articles(items) are in your goods basket, while you click on the link Goods basket in the menu(the set meal) on top.


Under this menu point you are able to do your personal settings(discontinuances), how Of delivery one. and see calculation address, order status etc. or change.

A lot of fun(joke) with the shopping in the shop!

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the Shopping cart is not empty.