Pancake holster with two carrying positions
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Pancake holster with two carrying positions.
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Leather pancake holster with two carrying options

The indestructible Pancake Holster is made of thick Italian genuine leather to create the best conditions for your gun. The special feature of this leather holster are the three belt loops, which allow you to carry the gun in two different positions. The durability and traction are first class. The craftsmanship combines durable double seams and softer, treated edges that don't fray. A holster that remains stable even after years of use.

  • Thermoformed from genuine Italian cowhide leather.
  • The leather is double stitched and the edges of the holster are smooth edged.
  • Three belt loops for a tight fit and to adjust the different carrying angles.
  • Thermoforming takes place directly on the original weapon for a perfect fit of the holster.
  • available colours: Black, Brown
  • Wearing style: OWB*
  • Wear it: FBI*, Cross Draw*
  • available for right- and left-handed
  • made in Italy

Holsterwelt offers you unique and exclusive products that meet the latest requirements. All offered products are manufactured with love to the detail and tested several times for longevity and reliability.


*OWB - (Outside the Waistband) Holster, which are worn outside the waistband. 
*In the FBI style the weapon is carried classically on the right side (right-handed).
*In the Cross Draw drawing angle, the weapon is carried by a right-handed person on the left side, for example, but with the handle to the front. The weapon is pulled crosswise.

Item numberH1
Category leather
Hand: RightLeft
Holster for: Revolver
carrying method: OWB Cross Draw FBI
Color: Blacklight brownbraun
material: Leather
Gun model: Beretta 92 A1 Glock 20 - Gen4 H&K USP Walther PPQ M2 Taurus PT 100 Without Rail Colt 1911 Glock 27 Sig Sauer P220 Beretta APX Centurion S&W 1911 Dan Wesson 1911 - 5" Glock 33 Taurus PT 92 Sig Sauer 2009 S&W L Frame 4" Beretta 92 Compact Glock 21 H&K USP Compact Walther PPS Taurus PT 101 Without Rail Colt Commander Glock 27 - Gen4 Sig Sauer P226 Beretta APX Compact S&W 6904 Series Glock 17 Glock 33 - Gen4 Taurus PT 99 Sig Sauer PRO 2022 S&W M&P (Military and Police) Beretta 96 Glock 21 - Gen4 Kimber 1911 - 5" Walther PPS M2 Taurus PT 92 Without Rail Colt Detective Spezial 2" Glock 28 Sig Sauer P228 Beretta PX4 Compact S&W 6906 Series Glock 17 - Gen4 Glock 36 Taurus PT 1911 (w Rail) - 5" Sig Sauer PRO 2340 Taurus 441 4" Beretta 96 A1 Glock 22 Les Baer 1911 - 5" Zoraki 918 Taurus PT 99 Without Rail CZ 75 Glock 29 Sig Sauer P229 Caracal C Model S&W J Frame 31 Glock 17 - Gen5 Glock 37 Taurus 85 - 2" Springfield 1911 Taurus 65 4" Beretta 98 Glock 22 - Gen4 Para Ordance 1911 - 5" Walther P22Q Taurus PT 100 With Rail CZ 75 B Glock 29 - Gen4 Sig Sauer P230 Caracal F Model S&W J Frame 34 Glock 18 Glock 37 - Gen4 Taurus 605 2" Springfield XD Taurus 669 4" Beretta 98 A1 Glock 23 Remington 1911 R1 Röhm RG 96 Taurus PT 101 With Rail Beretta 92 CZ 75 BD Glock 30 Sig Sauer P232 Colt Python 2" 1/2 S&W J Frame 36 Beretta 81 Glock 19 Glock 38 Walther P22 Springfield XDM Colt Python 2" 1/2 Beretta 98 Compact Glock 23 - Gen4 Ruger P85 Taurus PT 92 With Rail Beretta 84 CZ 75 SP01 Glock 30 - Gen4 Sig Sauer P250 Glock 43X S&W J Frame 37 Beretta 82 Glock 19X Glock 43 Walther P99 Stoeger 8000 Colt Trooper 4" Beretta 8000 Glock 25 Ruger P95 HW 94 Taurus PT 99 With Rail Beretta PX4 Storm CZ 83 Glock 31 Sig Sauer SP2009 Manurhin MR73 S&W J Frame 60 Beretta 85 Glock 19 - Gen4 H&K P30 Walther P99 Q Tanfoglio Carry H&K SFP9 - VP9 Beretta APX Glock 26 S&W 1911 Walther P99Q Browning HP CZ 85 Glock 31 - Gen4 Sig Sauer SP2340 Para Ordnance P14 S&W K Frame 2" 1/2 Beretta 87 Glock 19 - Gen5 H&K P30L Walther PPK Tanfoglio Force Compact Taurus 85 2" Beretta Brigadier Glock 26 - Gen4 S&W J Frame Colt King Cobra 2" 1/2 Colt Government CZ 85 B Glock 32 Springfield 1911 - 5" Para Ordnance P16 S&W K Frame 3" Beretta 90 Two Glock 20 H&K P2000 Walther PPQ Tanfoglio Force Police Browning Hi-Power Glock 26 - Gen5 Sig Sauer 1911 - 5" Beretta 9000 Colt Python 4" CZ 85 Combat Glock 32 - Gen4 STI 1911 - 5" Ruger 89 S&W L Frame 2" 1/2 Ruger SP101 Glock 45

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4 from 5 Holsterwelt Pancake holster for HK P30 V3

This holster is very well made.....excellent quality, however it will not allow for carrying the pistol decocked.

When the pistol is cocked and loaded with a round in the chamber and then decocked the holster strap at the top of
The holster that can be snapped together across the end of the slide cannot be snapped closed due to the hammer position when the pistol is decocked. The hammer protrudes slightly from the end of the slide, and will not allow the strap to be snapped closed.

The only way that the strap can be snapped closed is with the hammer in the fully closed position where it does not protrude from the end of the slide.

Total entries: 1

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