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DEF-TEC Defense Technology GmbH was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1994. The purpose of the company is the distribution of OC-Pepperspray for the civilian market.

Our customers in the civilian sector today include well-known companies such as: Heinrich Böker Baumwerk in Solingen, Globetrotter in Hamburg, Umarex in Niederndorf (Austria) and many more.

Today the brand name First Defense ® stands for quality and reliability in the production of Pepper Spray, Pepperfoam and Pepper Gel. The sprays, initially imported from the U.S.A. to Europe, are now completely manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.

Through many years of direct contact with users, we were able, for example, to make a lasting contribution at a decisive point in the development of the guidelines for irritant sprays with "pepper" that apply to the German police. This was also the case with our pepper spray, which was procured for the Federal Police in Austria for the first time in 1996. Austria had thus taken a decisive first step in equipping its police forces throughout Europe. Other states and countries followed suit and also procured pepper spray.