Leather shoulder holster NEW BREAK OUT Left hand Black S&W 6" L+N-Frame,Ruger GP100 Python

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Already as the name implies, this shoulder holster is one of the most modern in the world, unique in its comfort and drawing capability.
Professionals who must carry a gun daily (security personal, body- guards, police) will feel the difference right away.
Especialy for Law Enforcement we offer a optional safety strap who secure the weapon if required for unwanted access.
Even if you constantly carry your gun in the NEW BREAK OUT holster, you will have an incomparable wearer?s comfort by using the Shoulder Holster Accessories.
Colour: black or brown
Right- or lefthand
Pocket Mod.,Walther PP/PPK   
Army Mod.,M35HP,SIG 210,Colt Gov.,
SIG 225/228/229/239,Glock 29/30,Steyr MA1,S&W 5904,
SIG 220/226,Sph.3000Tac.,Ber. PX4 Storm,    
SIG 230
H&K P7 M13/M8         
H&K USPStandard 9mm/45 ACP
H&K USPCompact/P2000/P30
Glock 26/27/Walther PPS/Walther P22
Glock 19/23,Walther P5/Comp.,M75 Comp.,Vector CP1
Glock 17/22,CZ M75/85,Walth. P99,Ber. 8000 Cougar
Glock 20/21,SIG PRO,Sphinx 3000,Ruger P85
Beretta 92/ 90-Two,Taurus 99,S&W 1006,G17L/35,Tanf.5"
Desert Eagle 357/44/50
S&W 2"- 2 1/4" J-Frame,Colt Det. Ruger SP101,
S&W 2" K-Frame       
S&W 3" K-Frame,Ruger
S&W 4" K-Frame,Ruger
S&W 6" K-Frame,Ruger
S&W 3" L+N-Frame,Ruger GP100 Python
S&W 4" L+N-Frame,Ruger GP100 Python
S&W 6" L+N-Frame,Ruger GP100 Python
S&W 8 3/8" N-Frame,Taurus 44 8 3/8"

Color: light brown Black
weapons model: Makarov BERSA Kahr Kevin ATM Zoraki H&K FEG Weihrauch Arminius Kimar Grand Power Jericho STI Hammerli Glock SPHINX Walther EKOL FN Para Ordance (USA) Taurus Cuno Melcher CZ NORINCO Steyr BRUNI Colt Magnum Research Springfield Umarex Browning KIMBER Sig Sauer Alfa Beretta KEL TEC Smith & Wesson PS Astra DAN WESSON Ruger
Material: Genuine leather
carrying method: IWB Cross Draw
Material INFO: The satisfaction of our customers in both authorities, civil, or in sports reflects the high quality and reliability of our products. This starts with the purchase of raw materials. The leather, for example, which we refer exclusively from Austria, Holland and Switzerland, on pure vegetable tanned (vegetable) basis. This includes sleek leather produced in this way no pollutants and is characterized by its compactness. The products made ??from it are very resilient and retain their original shape under high stress. Our manufacturing synthetic materials are selected with great care, which is set for longevity, durability and environmentally friendly production and processing of attention. From this material in our operation, the holster with the latest manufacturing technology combined with traditional craftsmanship produced.
Info*: All holsters are for the desired weapon manufactured after receipt of order and adapted over the original weapons.

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